Two Families is a non-traditional, non-adversarial family law practice in Durham, North Carolina. Attorney-Mediator Nicole Quallen works with separating families outside of court through collaborative divorce, mediation, and private agreements to settle your family matters with respect, empathy, and skilled conflict resolution (rather than inflammation). 

"Two Families" refers to the way divorce turns one household unit into two. The focus and goal of our practice is to help every client work through divorce to build two healthy families (or individuals) with minimal trauma, expense, and conflict. Divorce is a tremendous opportunity for change; we can help you make that change a positive one.

I started my career in the traditional family law world, under the mentorship of smart and able attorneys, but ultimately left feeling like my clients weren't being served by the way divorce usually works. Antagonistic and adversarial litigation inflames conflict, hurts co-parenting, and focuses on the past rather than the future.  Two Families Law is a different path through these woods.

Email me if you’d like to meet at my Durham office for a consultation -- we can talk about your unique situation, the options you have for a divorce (or other) path, and whether we should work together going forward.