"Two Families" refers to the way divorce turns one household unit into two -- two families. The focus and goal of my practice is to help every client work through divorce to build two healthy families (or individuals). Divorce is a tremendous opportunity to change your life; let's make sure that change is a positive one.

I left the world of traditional family law and antagonistic litigation because I think we can divorce better. Two Families is about healthy divorce, not war. I try my best to keep you and your family out of the court system because it's slow, expensive, and it requires lots of conflict. I keep my fees lower than market because your changing family is going through a tough financial time already. And most importantly, I work to help you make it through conflict, not to make it a permanent part of your life.

Email me if you’d like to meet at my Durham office for a consultation -- we can talk about your unique situation, the options you have for a divorce (or other) path, and whether we should work together going forward.